Our people are the lifeblood of the office; whether it’s finding great talent, or polishing a diamond in the rough to a shimmering gem, we work hard to not only get the best out of each other, but also to create a space where we can give something back, in life or in one’s career.

In Times, we live by the Cardinal Rules; a set of sayings and reminders that illuminate how we operate, and what we ask of each other. It’s also how we work with our clients, where we believe in the strength of our work and the quality of our service being the best endorsement of what makes us great, and keep our clients coming back.

Passion Over Talent

We believe that in this world filled with competition, it is not talent, but passion that will take you far. While skills can be taught, it will be the innate love of achieving something that will bring the fulfillment that we look for in our team.

Get It Done, Then Have Fun

Although never stopping to play is the best thing we can do to remain creative, we believe that working smart to get any job done is paramount before resting and having some down time.

Have Pride In Your Work

We encourage having pride in whatever you do, from the smallest task to the biggest challenge. After all, a little pat on the back is the best form of encouragement.

Trust & Support Each Other

The phrase, “lean on me” means something to us. We don’t expect anyone to work on anything alone, and we make sure that everyone’s well being is taken care of at all times so that our engines are kept well-oiled.

Honesty Is Our Policy

All communication between coworkers is fundamental and creates the trust and confidence in each other that helps us progress together. Keeping an open dialogue with everyone is key to learning and understanding how to best tackle obstacles.

Never Stop Learning

In the ever-evolving landscape of the world, keeping an open mind to new ideas, processes, and thoughts is key to consistently adapting to the new world and how we can be a future-savvy company.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

All ideas come from somewhere, and the best campaigns were built from people unafraid to speak their minds to discuss possibilities for ideas, and we want to know what you’ve got in you, because it might just be the final details that takes ideas from okay to WOW!

Make Purposeful Decisions 

There is no decision too big or too small that it shouldn’t be thoroughly thought through. We make sure that if we are going to make a decision, we think it through beforehand and ask ourselves, “Why should we do this?”

Treat Work and Each Other Like Family

We spend most days of daylight with each other (and some nights too!), and with a close knit team, we should work together to make things easier for each other – whether it’s working together, how we treat each other, let’s make our working environment somewhere we all enjoy coming to, and one where we care for each other, in and out of work.